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Power Factory

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Universities, research institutes and educational organizations have now better access to the superior PowerFactory technology. As we observe an increased demand in modeling of modern power systems such as distributed generation and wind energy, DIgSILENT has decided to make two special versions of the Enterprise Package available: PF4E and PF4R. Both packages allow full access to those functions which are required to model and analyze most complex power systems such as power electronic devices, unbalanced operation or AC/DC systems. All functions are included which are required to simulate steady state operation incl. harmonic loadflow, protection, reliability and time domain simulations ranging from microseconds to hours (from EMT to long term stability).
PowerFactory4Education (PF4E)

* Included functions: PowerFactory Enterprise+
* Maximum bus limitation: 50
* Number of users: 25
* Type of license server: Network
* Price: Euro 150,- plus shipping
* Support: free installation support; limited user support
* Type of license: For educational purposes only (e.g. seminars, student projects, thesis, exercieses, etc.)

PowerFactory4Research (PF4R)

* Included functions: PowerFactory Enterprise+
* Maximum bus limitation: unlimited
* Number of users: 1
* Type of license server: Network
* Price: Euro 10.000,- plus Euro 1.000,- per additional user; plus shipping costs
* Support: free installation support; full user support
* Type of license: For research purposes only (e.g. projects financed by governments and other non-profit organizations)

Since 11/2006, PowerFactory Enterprise+ also includes Optimal Power Flow (OPF) and a State Estimator.

For projects and applications financed and contracted by commercially operating companies or for the performance of consulting services, the standard PowerFactory list prices and leasing conditions will apply.

Both packages are based on the Enterprise functionality covering the following PowerFactory functions:
DIgSILENT Base Functions

* Hierarchical, object-oriented database and Object Browser
* Single-user database server for 1 simultaneous user
* Integrated Network Expansion Stage & Study Case Administration
* Multiple-Window & Multiple-Graphic Single Line
* DPL Script Language
* DOLE interface for SCADA and GIS
* Network Reduction
* Voltage stability
* Contingency Analysis



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